Coconut Curry Chicken

Coconut Curry Chicken

with Cilantro & Jasmine Rice

Serves 2 Calories 623


12 oz. Chicken Tenderloins
1 C. Diced Yellow Onion
0.6 oz. Ginger Root
3 Garlic Cloves
6 Cilantro Sprigs
1/4 Lemon
1 T. Tomato Paste
1 T. Curry Powder
½ t. Cinnamon
1 Packet Red Pepper Flakes
1 Can Unsweetened Coconut Milk (use 9 oz)
¾ C. Chicken Broth
1 Can Diced Tomatoes
3/4 C. Jasmine Rice
Protein Substitutions
Pork Chop
Follow instructions as for chicken.

Add raw Shrimp to the pan at "Finish the Coconut Curry Sauce", when you would normally add the cooked chicken. Simmer 5 minutes or until shrimp are cooked through. Finish recipe.

Vegan Chicken
Preheat oven to bake at 450°F. Place Chickenless Breast on an ungreased baking pan. Bake approximately 9 minutes. Flip and bake an additional 7-8 minutes until heated through. Add to the pan when you are instructed to add the cooked chicken. Finish recipe.

Drain, rinse, and break apart into small pieces. Heat a little oil in a pan and cook for 4-5 minutes over medium-high heat. Remove from pan and set aside and continue recipe. Add back to pan at "Finish the Coconut Curry Sauce". Finish recipe.
Nutritional Information
Nutrition content
Prepare your Ingredients
Wash and dry your produce.
Finely chop the diced onions, grate ½ Tbsp. of ginger, and mince 3 garlic cloves.
Roughly chop the cilantro to make about 1 Tbsp.
Drain the diced tomatoes.
Cut the lemon into quarters.
Mix the coconut milk and set aside 1 cup + 2 Tbsp.
Pat chicken dry, cut tenders in half, and place on a flat dish.
Drizzle the chicken with olive oil and season with the curry powder, red pepper flakes to taste, salt and pepper.
Toss well until evenly coated.

Cook the Rice
Bring 1.5 cups of salted water to a boil over high heat.
Stir in the rice along with 1 tsp. olive oil.
Turn down the heat to low, cover and cook for 17-20 minutes.

Sear the Chicken
Heat 1 Tbsp. olive oil in a medium pan, over medium-high heat.
When hot, add the chicken and cook about 2 minutes per side, or until almost cooked through.
Transfer chicken to a dish and set aside.

Make the Coconut Curry Sauce
In the same pan you cooked the chicken, heat 1 Tbsp. olive oil over medium heat.
Add the onions and saute until tender; 5-7 minutes (add oil if pan dries).
Add the garlic and ginger, stir and saute for 1 minute.
Season with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to taste.
Stir in the tomato paste, ¾ cup of the broth, cinnamon, and coconut milk (from step 1).
Mix well and bring to a simmer.
Cook for about 15 minutes stirring occasionally. (Cook longer for a thicker sauce.)

Finish the Coconut Curry Sauce
Add the chicken, drained tomatoes, cilantro, and the juice of ¼ lemon to the curry sauce.
Stir, and continue to simmer for about 5 minutes.
Taste and adjust the sauce to your liking with more lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

Fluff the rice with a fork before serving.
Divide the rice between your plates & spoon the curry sauce and chicken over the rice, or on the side. Enjoy!