Southern Jambalaya

Southern Jambalaya

with Andouille Sausage & Shrimp

Serves 2 Calories 563


4 oz. Cajun Style Andouille Sausage
4 oz. Shrimp
1 C. Chicken Broth
½ C. White Rice
1 C. Diced Yellow Onion
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 C. Petite Diced Tomatoes
3 Garlic Cloves
1 Bay Leaf
Spice mix:
½ t. Dried Oregano
½ t. Dry Thyme
½ t. Dry Basil
⅛ t. Paprika
Protein Substitutions
Chicken Tenderloin
Cut into bite-sized pieces and season with salt and pepper. Sear quickly over medium-high heat in a little oil for about 30 second to 1 minute per side, or until almost done. Remove from pot and set aside. Cook veggies and continue recipe. Add chicken back to the pot when you add the cooked rice. This will finish cooking the chicken and allow the flavors to meld.

Turkey / Beyond Sausage
Cut three slits into the top of the sausage, cutting about halfway through the meat. Heat a large pan over medium heat. Cook sausage 3-4 minutes per side or until cooked through, and no longer pink. Slice into 1/4" slices and add to the Jambalaya along with the shrimp in the last step.

Vegan Shrimp
Follow instructions as for shrimp.

Press until dry, cut into cubes season with salt and pepper. Add a small amount of oil to a non-stick skillet and heat over medium high heat. Add tofu to pan and brown on each side for about 1-2 minutes. Add to the Jambalaya along with the shrimp in the last step.
Nutritional Information
Nutrition content
Cook the Rice
Combine the rice, 1 cup water, and some salt in a medium pot, and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to low, and cook covered for 15 minutes.

Prepare Your Ingredients
Wash and dry your produce.
Slice the bell pepper into thin slices, then cut slices in half.
Mince 3 garlic cloves.
Slice sausage into ¼” slices.
Pat the shrimp dry and season with a little salt and pepper.

Cook the Veggies
Heat 1.5 Tbsp. olive oil in another medium pot (one that has a lid), over medium-high heat.
Add the onions, peppers, garlic and bay leaf.
Season with salt and pepper.
Cover, and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Complete the Jambalaya
Mix-in the diced tomatoes, sausage, chicken broth, 1/3 cup water, and the spice mix to the cooked veggies.
Bring to a rapid boil.
Once boiling, mix, reduce heat to medium, and cook uncovered for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Add the rice and shrimp to the pot, and mix.
Taste for salt, and season if needed.
Cook for 3-4 minutes longer, without uncovering, until shrimp turns pink and is cooked through.

Divide between your bowls, and let cool down for a few minutes. Enjoy!