Commander of Fresh Ideas

Matt Dickhaus

Matt was born and raised in Gainesville, then moved to Orlando where he received his degree in Business Administration and Marketing in 2009. Since then, he has been living abroad in both South America and Europe. While abroad he discovered a passion for cooking and a love for international cuisines. He hopes Chef Ami will help him to share his passion with others by providing healthy, delicious and convenient meals at home.

Director of Everything Delicious

Johana Dickhaus

Johana has a bachelors degree in International Business and has experience working in marketing, sales, and administration. Living in North America, South America and Europe, has given her a taste of three worlds and the opportunity to interact with people and cultures all over the world, thereby discovering numerous delicious ethnic cuisines. The love for food that she has always had, grows more and more every day as she cooks, experiences, and experiments with new variations of delicious meals . Her desire is to share these amazing meals with others, in a convenient way, which is through Chef Ami.

Master French Chef

Michel Maloiseau

Michel helps Matt and Johana refine their cooking skills and improve their recipes through weekly cooking classes and consulting. Michel was born and raised in the Loire valley of France where his love of cooking started at a young age helping his mother in the kitchen. His passion for food and cooking led him to meet some of the most talented professional chefs and pastry chefs in France, Europe, and all over America. He has worked in a number of prestigious restaurants in London and Chicago as well as shared his love of cooking during his time as a professor at the Lexington Culinary Institute.  Chef Michel has now settled in Gainesville and offers both personal chef services for dinner parties as well as cooking classes in the comfort of your own home. To contact Michel and find out more about his services please visit his website Kitchen Consultech.